Experience the Real Ethiopia with Tesfa Tours

  • Trek in Ethiopia with rural communities in the Ethiopian Highlands

  • Visit the ancient capitals and historic heartland of Abyssinia

  • Let us develop a personal itinerary with you so that you can see the best of this wonderful country


    Early Morning at Mequat Mariam community guest house



    Monk at Ura Kidane Mehret, Zege peninsular on Lake Tana

    Tesfa Tours support the community tourism work that has been developed over the last 10 years or so. All the tours we promote include a stay with local communities that puts income directly into their hands and gives you, their guest, memories of a unique and wonderful experience. It will be a holiday that truly lifts the soul.


    Fasilidas Castle compound, Gondar

    Tesfa Tours can put together a holiday that blends treks with the local communities with visits to the more traditional tourist attractions that Ethiopia offers: Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gondar or Axum. Read on to see how we can help design a holiday to suit your needs…Also see some of more feedback have a look at what our  guests have to say in our guest book.


    View of the Agame Massif in Tigray - from Enaf community guest house

    Mat & Nick visited Ethiopia from Dubai in April 2014 told us:  “We were inspired by a people with almost nothing in the way of material wealth, their generosity of spirit and a warmth of their welcome deeply impacted us. Sitting around a fire in a mountain hut, faces glowing with smiles and in the gentle reflections of the fire, sharing a meal, laughing and chatting. The landscape is spectacular and the people too. It has inspired us to want to visit other parts of the country, and to travel with your help once more. You did everything you said you would do and so much more.  A huge thank you.”

    Jo Ricks & Jeffrey Clark from Washington, D.C. visited the Northern Ethiopia in early 2014:


    A relaxing beer at the end of a trek in Meket

    “Tesfa Tours absolutely delivers on their promise to show you the Real Ethiopia.  We were exposed to incredible sights–ancient castles, churches and monasteries–but also to people as they live in the countryside.  We were greeted by literally hundreds of small children and visited a schoolhouse where classes were underway.  We even observed a beautiful wedding ceremony quite intimately.  The Tesfa guides were first rate without exception.  This is a professional group of people who are devoted to showing you the best the country has to offer.  Our experience was totally positive.”

    Guests who trekked in Tigray in May 2013 “….. we enjoyed the Tesfa trek in Tigray … it was all just perfect. We loved it all from the accommodation, the routes, the views, the variety of scenery, the drops, the degree of challenge, the sunsets and very important the guide was superb.”

    Guests on an ambling walk along the Meket plateau Nov 2010 “The trek itself was almost beyond description- 4 days and three nights of an experience which has touched us all very deeply and will stay with us forever.”


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